Work Package 1: Project Management


Work Package 2: Stakeholder Involvement

Organisation and conduction of two user workshops with the stakeholders and further interested end-users.

Testing practical applicability of the integrated fire danger forecast system and products.

Evaluation of user feedback.


Work Package 3: System Design and Implementation

Design of a conceptual model to estimate FMC and fuel structural properties and to estimate integrated fire danger.

Design of a technical/computation system.

Implementation and testing of a pre-operational processing chain.


Work Package 4: Data Gathering and Integration

Implementation of algorithms for spatial aggregation and temporal interpolation.

Processing of all single data streams.


Work Package 5: Estimation of Fire Danger

Fuel moisture content estimation by combining Sentinel-1 with Sentinel-2.

Forest structure characterization from LiDAR.

Adapting and training of machine learning methods against the Austrian Fire Database.


Work Package 6: Demonstration of fire danger forecasts

The prototype of the IFDS will be tested during the fire season 2021 to produce forecasts of fire danger up to 3 days ahead. Forecasts of forest fire danger will be evaluated against real fires occurring during the season.


Work Package 7: Dissemination and exploitation